Webinar Update: Where Next for Sustainability Communications?

Webinar Update: Where Next for Sustainability Communications?

The objective of this webinar is to review current trends in Sustainability Reporting and see how trends are converging, for instance, a growing number of organizations have begun to use ISO 26000 as the foundation for their sustainability strategy and reporting.

Background of Sustainability Reporting and Communication
An Assessment of Progress, Trends and Developments in Sustainability Communications
An Analysis of Where Reporting and Communications Go Next and Predictions on the Future Space

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DateNov 27, 2012
TimeSession 1
08:00 a.m. London
09:00 a.m. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam
03:00 a.m. New York
04:00 p.m. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

Session 2
01:00 p.m. London
02:00 p.m. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam
08:00 a.m. New York
09:00 p.m. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur