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Two Takes on the Transforming Micro-Apartment, One Polished, One Raw: The LifeEdited Apartment and the Barcode Room

by Core77 on Monday, January 21, 2013 in Features

The motto of LifeEdited, an experiment in compact living started by Treehugger founder Graham Hill, is an alluring one: “Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.” The design of the prototype LifeEdited apartment (actually Hill’s residence) fulfills the motto neatly, incorporating furniture you’ll recognize from our Resource Furniture videos (here andhere), an intelligently-designed moving wall, and lots of nice little touches that reveal some serious depth of thought:

Crazy seeing what an absolute craphole the apartment was before Hill’s insane reno. I also admire how he’s extended his philosophy of editing things down even to the kitchen implements and his clothing.

Another experimental apartment with a similar approach to Hill’s—but with a far less finished execution that could use some polishing, particularly in the wall-moving mechanism—is Japan-based design firm Studio_01’s Barcode Room:

While Hill’s actually living in the LifeEdited apartment, the Barcode Room is a work in progress, thus explaining the rawness. As it stands I prefer the former design, but it will be interesting to see what Studio_01 comes up with during their ongoing development.

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