Site Credits


The Living Principles community site was conceived by Tomorrow Partners, a strategic creative agency in Berkeley California, and built in collaboration with development partner Futurescape. Special thanks to the following team members, who went above and beyond to bring this vision to life.

Creative Director Gaby Brink
Lead Designer James Songcayawon
UX Designer Chris Schmidt
Researcher Nathalie Destandau
Writers Nathalie Destandau & Natalie Linden
Developers Manoj Kumar, Kapil Jain, Chandan Kumar & Team


The Living Principles team would like to thank our contributing editors for their inspiration, contributions and generous support. We are grateful for their time and resources, which will continue to shape and nourish this community as it grows.

Editorial Director Gaby Brink
Editor Caitlin Dover (2010)
National Director Rachel Martin
Contributing Editors David Berman
Tom Biederbeck
Don Carli
David Cowan
Bill Drenttel
Ric Grefé
Lynda Grose
Phil Hamlett
Lance Hosey
Phil Hamlett
Jeremy Lehrer
Nancy Levinson
Joel Makower
Gage Mitchell
Nathan Shedroff
Adam Werbach