Harvard xDesign 2013

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Harvard xDesign 2013

By Design is an inaugural event at Harvard University that aims to build a platform of innovation by engaging key stakeholders through the creative process.

On January 25th and 26th, a speaker series and a design challenge will take place at the newly constructed Harvard Innovation Lab, Harvard Business School, and the Graduate School of Design. xDesign will unite students, professors, design professionals, and subject matter experts to reframe the future of education. 

Charles Adler /Cofounder @ Kickstarter
Andy Berndt / VP, Google Creative Lab
Patrick Whitney / Director, Institute of Design
Bruce Nussbaum / Professor, The New School
Hunter Tura / CEO, Bruce Mau Design

Michael Spalter / Rhode Island School of Design
Harry West / CEO, Continuum
Jessica Walsh / Sagmeister & Walsh
Bill Foulkes / Rhode Island School of Design
Colin Rainey / IDEO
Paul Pugh / Frog Design
Chris Pacione / LUMA Institute
Gerry Greaney / Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
Dave Bishop / MAYA Design
Tony Driscoll / Continuum
Heather Reavey / Continuum
Jeffrey Schnapp / Harvard Graduate School of Design
Mike Wescott / Design Management Institute
Molly McMahon / Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
Matt Trudeau / Harvard School of Public Health
Beth Altringer / Harvard School of Engineering
Jennifer Ritter / Estee Lauder
Maria Yang / Massachusetts Institute of Technology

xDesign is comprised of two events over two days – a speaker series and a design challenge.

Both events start together on January 25th at Harvard GSD and continue in tandem on the 26th at Harvard Business School. The conference is open to general admission – a full day of talks from thought leaders in design. The challenge is a studio workshop of interdisciplinary teams – designers, students, faculty and professionals – who work on a particular challenge problem. The two events merge together on the evening of the 26th for the main panel, where design luminaries and professors critique the results of the design challenge in front of a live audience.

More details and to buy tickets visit harvardxdesign.com

DateFrom Jan 25, 2013  to  Jan 26, 2013
Address48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
Ticket Info$35 Student
$40 Speaker Series
$50 Design Challenge