Compostmodern 2013: Resilience

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
Compostmodern 2013: Resilience

Design to Improve Society and the Environment
Designer. Entrepreneur. Scientist. Artist: Are you Compostmodern? Explore the role of design in creating a more resilient and regenerative world that works better for individuals, communities, society and the planet.

We’ve assembled a global array of leading visionary designers, artists and social entrepreneurs who are leading the charge in creating a more resilient and regenerative world. Let their innovative approaches and relevant grounded solutions inspire you.

Day 1: You’ll hear varied perspectives on envisioning and creating a resilient future. You’ll gain greater context for how to approach today’s needs and start imagining possibilities.

Day 2: We’ll workshop what it means to create a resilient community, together.

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DateFrom Mar 22, 2013  to  Mar 23, 2013