Compostmodern 2013: John Bielenberg – How To Rapidly Find Ingenious Solutions to The Greatest Challenges

by The Living Principles Team on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 in FeaturesTalks

John Bielenberg, founder of Future Partners, spoke at Compostmodern 2013.

Welcome to Future Blitz, a program designed to help people rapidly find ingenious solutions to their greatest challenges.

About John Bielenberg
Ten years ago, John Bielenberg created an immersive and experimental program called Project M that is designed to inspire and educate young designers, writers, photographers, and filmmakers by proving that their work can have a positive and significant impact. In 2010, John collaborated with Alex Bogusky and Rob Schuham to form COMMON, a brand that supports, connects and celebrates those designing a new era of socially minded enterprise. Most recently, John has partnered with long-time collaborator Greg Galle to launch FUTURE, a rapid innovation firm that creates positive change by unlocking ingenuity in organizations and individuals. In his career, John has won more than 250 design awards, is an AIGA Fellow, has been featured in the ID 50, and teaches at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art staged a solo exhibition in 2000.