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GreenBiz provides clear, concise, accurate, and balanced information, resources, and learning opportunities to help companies of all sizes and sectors integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that supports profitable business practices.

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  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: 5 finance models bringing clean power to the people   15 hours, 15 minutes ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Chris Nelder In the earlier days of the transition to renewable energy, the most significant stumbling block was cash: If you wanted to install solar on your building, or have your own electrical backup or storage capacity, you had to plunk down a hefty amount of money. But thanks to financial innovation, those days are fading. [...]

  • ThumbnailBy Elsa Wenzel Some of the Internet’s biggest names are making impressive strides to reduce the carbon footprint of the cloud, says Greenpeace. Yet as the world’s appetite for data expands, Twitter and Amazon Web Services are bringing up the rear. That’s according to the Greenpeace report, ” Clicking clean: How companies are creating the green Internet ,” released [...]

  • ThumbnailBy Aaron Hurst The following is adapted from “The Purpose Economy: How Your Desire for Impact, Personal Growth, and Community is Changing the World” by Aaron Hurst, published in April by Elevate. It wasn’t long ago that the sustainable consumer products market was mostly operating on the fringes of society. In those early days, the market was more [...]

  • Suzanne Shelton, CEO of the Shelton Group, a sustainability marketing company, says polling reveals that 24 percent of the population falls into a category called “actives.” This group shops often and is brand loyal and materialistic — but only when products serve as an external expression of internal values. At GreenBiz Forum 2014, Shelton shared the three [...]

  • ThumbnailBy Suzanne C. Shelton If you’ve heard me speak at a conference, you know there’s a point in the presentation where I typically say, “Don’t try to educate your audience into changing their behaviors .” Then I ask the audience to raise their hands if they can think of at least one thing they know they should do on a [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: Green cleaning: The journey from niche to mainstream   1 month ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Stephen Ashkin In 1962, Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking book “Silent Spring” was published. It forced the general public and members of the U.S. government to take a serious look at society’s use of chemicals and pesticides. By the end of the decade, young people around the world took up the cause for “ecology,” as it was then called. [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: How companies can embrace ‘true recyclability’   1 month, 1 week ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Anne Johnson In its 2012 Green Guide revision (PDF), the Federal Trade Commission set a standard that allows unqualified recyclability claims to be made if a “substantial majority” of consumers or communities have recycling facilities available where a product is sold. In the jargon of the recycling world, the availability of recycling facilities is commonly called “access.” “Substantial [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: 5 opportunities for 21st century transport   1 month, 2 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Holger Dalkmann and Jose Luis Irigoyen The world is in the midst of unprecedented urbanization, with cities expected to hold 5.2 billion residents by 2050. One major challenge of the 21st century, therefore, is achieving a sustainable future for our cities. And transport — which connects people to economic opportunities, education, health services and more — can make or [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: 5 turning points that will shift the course of sustainability   1 month, 3 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailBy James Goodman Not many years from now, you may find yourself sitting on the sundeck of an Arctic freighter tucking into your grasshopper-and-fries, reading in Mandarin about calorie taxes in Africa. Why? Because long-term trends playing out today are shaping a very different future for you and your business. If you are interested in sustainability, then you [...]

  • ThumbnailBy Coro Strandberg It’s a bird … It’s a plane … No, it’s a CFO — the new sustainability superhero! CFOs are emerging as the new superheroes of the sustainability world. Their unique perspectives, skills, tools and roles empower them to advance corporate sustainability in the rapidly changing marketplace. Deloitte’s global research reveals that finance’s sustainability role is on the [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: SolarCity and Tesla shine spotlight on solar-battery systems   2 months, 1 week ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Laurie Guevara-Stone When SolarCity and Tesla announced last month that they are teaming up to offer battery backup for residential solar PV systems, they generated much excitement and a disproportionate amount of press. From Greentech Media to the New York Times , stories abound about how the union of these two companies heralds the next stage in the evolution of distributed [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: 5 green marketing strategies to earn consumer trust   2 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Jacquelyn Ottman and David G. Mallen Shoppers are seeking out greener products, energized by the prospects of healthier alternatives, higher quality, preserving the environment and saving time and money. But the “greenwash” phenomenon threatens the green-marketing revolution. The potential to confuse consumers with misleading green claims is high. Green issues are highly technical, complex and fast moving. [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: What Google’s purchase of Nest means for clean tech   2 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Martin LaMonica By opening its checkbook, Google has quickly reversed many peoples’ dim view of clean tech. Google on Monday announced it will acquire Nest Labs for an eye-popping $3.2 billion dollars. Founded by former Apple engineers Tony Faddell and Matt Rogers (appearing in the video below), the four-year-old company makes a popular smart thermostat and combination [...]

  • ThumbnailBy Sissel Waage and Robert L. Adams As we look forward in 2014, let’s think about our intentions are — not just in designing the arc of our personal lives in upcoming 12 months, but also with regard to the work of the product designers and engineers among us. As designers know so well, good design provides for [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: 4 ways 2013 was the year of social sustainability   3 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Solitaire Townsend 2013 was the year of social media sustainability. No longer does “stakeholder engagement” mean personally contacting a list of 500 “sustainarati” experts. Today you’re expected to throw open your doors to millions of consumers, staff and affected communities online — none of whom will quietly listen to your CSR story, but rather want to [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: 8 ways to build a business with a higher purpose   3 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Andrew Hargadon and Paul Hudnut Much has been written and said about building sustainable companies and organizations. Yet too often, after all the conferences, books and articles, little is done. The big ideas get downsized and bureaucratized. In the past decade, the two of us have worked with hundreds of new ventures and dozens of non-profits and [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: 5 ways to say ‘humbug’ to wasteful packaging   3 months, 4 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Heather Clancy When I was a girl, the measure of a successful Christmas morning was the number of garbage bags needed to clear away all the bows and boxes and paper hiding the toys under the tree. These days, the opposite is true. I seek the lowest-impact way of presenting gifts, whether that’s eliminating boxes altogether, picking paper [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: 5 tech trends mingling with bio-inspired design   4 months ago · View

    ThumbnailBy Tom McKeag Bio-inspired design is showing up in technology projects big and small, from telescopes inspired by lobster eyes to see more of space to swellable microneedle arrays that provide safer skin grafts, based on an insect with a similar swellable proboscis. Here is a look at how bio-inspired design is finding its place within five [...]

  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: Levi’s Wellthread stitches design together with worker well-being   4 months, 1 week ago · View


    Levi Strauss & Company’s new Eureka innovation lab in San Francisco on Wednesday unveiled Dockers Wellthread, a process that pushes the envelope on sustainable design. It’s meant to connect the dots between smart design, environmental practices and the well-being of the apparel workers who make the garments. From materials sourcing to garment manufacturing to [...]
  • GreenBiz wrote a new blog post: How Hasbro, Lego and Mattel stack up as green toy makers   4 months, 2 weeks ago · View


    Think about the volume of toys manufactured each year. Millions upon millions of games, dolls, trinkets and other baubles are churned out for the entertainment of children around the world. As the titans that make them start considering their complete environmental footprints , they are making big strides in protecting the planet’s natural resources, albeit by [...]

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